The historic railroad investigations are being added HERE.,
That is true, but I'm posting all of them here, also.
The beauty of the other site is that only "Old Railroads" articles are listed there.
The ugly of that site is that far from all are there.
They are all here ...... somewhere.
This site is a mix of ride reports following ghost trains and live trains.

IF YOU ARE GETTING the "it does not exist message", it most
likely does. Unfortunately, you'll have to look for it as History Hunts
is in disarray from poor management due to a lack of interest.

You will have to hunt for it or try using the Search Program.
Click the little triangles, not the dates. Clicking the dates
will open a number of articles and your computer will explode.
One more "ugly" here, there are multiple duplicates and
and it's only my fault because I tried to be a good blogger.

I won't do that again.

Restocking Ol' History Hunts for Posterity

I'll clean it up and then set it afloat  if anyone wants to read  these old & new adventures.